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5 Signs That You Should See Your Eye Doctor for an Eye Exam


Are you wondering whether it’s time to get an eye exam? There are a variety of reasons that call for a trip to the eye doctor. When any of these apply to you, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment. 

Eye exams are an essential part of maintaining the health of your eyes. In addition to helping you see clearly and comfortably, they provide an opportunity to detect early signs of ocular conditions, and avoid damage to your vision. 

Keep reading for five signs that you should see your eye doctor for an eye exam!

1. You Notice a Sudden Change in Your Vision

Sometimes, changes to your vision occur fast. You might be able to see well one day and start noticing a disruption in your vision the next. 

Such changes include blurriness, glare, halos, double vision, and floaters. Many vision changes can be related to your lifestyle choices. 

For example, if you stare at a screen for an extended period of time, eye strain can lead to blurriness and redness, among other symptoms. In cases like this, what your eyes may need is rest. 

However, if the changes do not subside after a day or two, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Sudden changes like bulging of an eye, loss of peripheral vision, and eye pain can be signs of eye disease. 

Because these conditions can cause permanent damage to your vision, you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible. 

2. Dry Eyes Are Bothering You

Do you feel a burning, stinging, or scratchy sensation in your eyes? When missing the moisture they need, your eyes can feel uncomfortable. 

They can be red and sensitive to light. You can have a difficult time wearing contacts or driving at night. 

There are some ways to alleviate dry eyes at home, like placing a warm compress over your eyes, using a humidifier, and taking over-the-counter artificial tears. However, these remedies are not always enough to get you feeling your best. 

If dry eye symptoms are bothering you, you don’t have to deal with them on your own. Schedule an appointment to get the relief you need. 

At Cheema MD Eye Care, we offer a range of effective treatments, including punctal plugs, LipiFlow, and medicated eye drops that can help you feel like yourself again. 

3. Your Glasses or Contacts Aren’t as Effective as They Used to Be

You may remember the first time you put on glasses and discovered how clear the world could be. Since your body and eyes can change throughout your life, it’s normal for there to come a time when your current prescription isn’t as helpful as it used to be. 

When you need a stronger prescription than you currently have, your vision can lose its sharpness. The good news is that there’s a simple fix!

If you notice that your vision has lost clarity, make a quick trip to the eye doctor to get an updated prescription. Changes to your vision can also be an indicator that something more serious is going on. 

Glaucoma, cataracts, and other conditions can negatively affect your vision, even when you’re wearing glasses or contacts. During your exam, your doctor will thoroughly evaluate your eyes to determine the cause of any vision changes. 

4. You’re Considering a Procedure Like LASIK

Are you interested in reducing your dependency on glasses or contacts thanks to a permanent vision correction procedure? Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide choose a procedure like LASIK to achieve visual freedom every year. 

The first step in exploring this option is a LASIK consultation. During this appointment, your eye doctor will discuss your visual goals and health history with you. 

Next, they’ll closely examine your eyes and perform a series of tests.

They will also offer a complete explanation of how LASIK works.

Since not everyone can be a fit for every procedure, they will discuss whether LASIK is a good choice for you. If not, they will also discuss any other options that they may recommend for you to achieve your visual goals. 

Often, a LASIK consultation cannot be performed at the same time as your annual eye exam. Be sure to let your eye doctor’s office know prior to your appointment if determining your candidacy for LASIK is something you’re interested in.

5. It’s Been a While Since Your Last Exam

Has it been years since your last trip to the eye doctor? Even when you don’t notice a change in your vision or have a question or concern relating to your vision, you should still get regular eye exams to ensure you are staying healthy. 

Eye exams are considered preventative, because they offer a chance to detect a condition early and intervene before it seriously affects your vision. Diseases like glaucoma can have no early symptoms, so you may not notice them on your own. 

Your eye doctor is trained to spot signs of many eye conditions. The American Academy of Ophthalmology advises adults to have a complete exam once in their twenties and twice in their thirties.

It’s essential to get another when you turn forty since signs of a range of conditions can appear at this time. Those who are sixty-five or older should get their vision checked every year or two. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to see your eye doctor for an exam! Schedule an appointment at Cheema MD Eye Care in Kingston, NY, today.

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