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7 Reasons Why Getting LASIK Can Make Your Summer In Hudson Valley Better


Have you thought about getting LASIK? If you’ve been dreaming of a life without glasses or contacts, LASIK can make that a reality. 

LASIK is a highly effective, safe, and popular method of permanently correcting a refractive error. It’s completely bladeless, instead using an advanced laser to alter the shape of your cornea so it can better focus light onto your retina. 

LASIK can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Now is an excellent time to get LASIK. 

Keep reading for seven reasons why getting LASIK can make your summer in Hudson Valley better!

1. Look Up and Be Wowed by the Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

With their myriad colors and patterns, not to mention their sheer size, hot-air balloons can be breathtaking. After getting LASIK, you’ll be able to watch more than one hundred balloons take to the sky at the annual Hot-Air Balloon Festival in stunning clarity. 

This year, the festival is being held from the first of September through the third. If you’re feeling adventurous, schedule a ride of your own and see the beautiful Hudson Valley from a whole new perspective.

Whether you’re looking up or down, you’ll enjoy sharp vision thanks to LASIK. 

2. Tour the Picturesque Hudson River by Boat

You haven’t seen everything the Hudson has to offer until you’ve seen it by boat. However, sightseeing isn’t all that much fun if you’re not seeing the sights clearly. 

By doing your eyes a favor and getting LASIK, you’ll be able to fully appreciate all the sights aboard the Rip Van Winkle II, from charming lighthouses and vineyards to sprawling estates. In fact, LASIK can even provide better vision than glasses or contacts.

Booking a boat tour is a great way to celebrate your newly improved vision. 

3. Soak Up the Sun at Belleayre Beach and Beyond

Swimming? Check. Kayaking and sailing? Check. The Hudson Valley is a wonderful place to be any time of year, especially in the summer when the weather warms up and you can have some fun in the sun. 

Days spent at Belleayre Beach, Greenwood Lake Beach, and Taconic State Park are days well spent, with a lot of memories to be made. When you wear glasses or contacts, though, summer activities can become a hassle. 

You have to stop and remove your contacts before swimming, and then you’re stuck with blurry vision. If you want to go kayaking or sailing, you have to be extra careful not to damage your eyewear. 

Plus, if you wear contacts, you’re more susceptible to dryness from the wind, leaving your eyes irritated. This year, leave all your worries behind, so you can focus on enjoying yourself. 

Embrace all your favorite activities by permanently correcting your vision with LASIK. 

4. Travel Easier and Be More Spontaneous 

People that wear glasses or contacts are planners. They have to be. You can’t simply decide to take a last-minute trip or take part in an activity without considering your vision needs first. 

Unfortunately, your vision needs never take a summer vacation. That is unless you get LASIK! 

LASIK gives you the freedom to be spontaneous so that you can say “yes” more often. Traveling becomes much easier when you don’t have to lug around everything you need just to be able to see clearly. 

Contact lens solution, cases, prescription sunglasses, backup glasses, and other eyewear necessities will no longer clutter your travel bag. Whether it’s a last-minute trip to the Catskills or you’ve been counting down the days for months, LASIK means you have fewer things to pack. 

5. Put the Money You Save Towards Special Events

Did you know that LASIK actually saves you money? If you compare the cost of LASIK to the lifelong costs of wearing glasses or contacts, LASIK is far less expensive. 

So, by choosing LASIK, you’re putting some money back in your pocket. In the summer, you can use those extra dollars to treat yourself in all kinds of ways. 

Relax and sip with a tasting at Benmarl Winery, or enjoy a nice dinner at Brasserie 292, Harvest on Hudson, or any other of our top-notch restaurants. The possibilities are endless!

6. Say Goodbye to Foggy Glasses

While mornings can be foggy in the Hudson Valley, that doesn’t mean your glasses need to be. Whether you’re in the kitchen cooking up a meal or going from the air-conditioned inside to the bright and sunny outside, foggy glasses can be frustrating. 

Glasses are supposed to help you see clearly, but when they fog up, they can obscure your vision completely. With LASIK, you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of foggy glasses anymore. 

While you say goodbye to blurry vision and glasses, you can also say goodbye to fogginess. 

7. Be Ready for Summer with LASIK’s Quick Recovery Period

When patients are considering LASIK, a common question is what kind of recovery period is involved. Especially as we head into the summer season, you don’t want to have to press pause on your plans. 

The good news is the recovery period for LASIK is very short. Most patients can return to their everyday activities within a day or two. 

To ensure a smooth recovery, strenuous activity should be avoided for a week following the procedure. If you get LASIK now, you’ll be all ready to welcome the summer season. 

Do you want to make this summer in Hudson Valley your best one yet? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Cheema MD Eye Care in Kingston, NY, today!

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