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Why a Premium Lens for Cataract Surgery Can Improve Your Life in Hudson Valley


Are cataracts interfering with your ability to see clearly? Before having them removed, you’ll need to choose an intraocular lens or IOL that will replace your natural lens. 

A premium lens offers many benefits over a standard IOL, which can have a huge impact on your quality of life after cataract surgery. Keep reading to learn more about premium IOLs and how they can make your life even better!

What are Premium IOLs?

During cataract surgery, your surgeon removes the cloudy, natural lens and replaces it with an artificial one called an intraocular lens. The new IOL allows you to see clearly again. 

There are two main categories of IOLs: standard and premium IOLs. A monofocal or standard lens implant can only provide clear vision at one distance, either near or far away.

This means that you would still need contacts or glasses after cataract surgery for certain activities with a standard IOL. On the other hand, a premium lens implant provides a broader range of vision after cataract surgery.

A premium lens implant is also designed with more features than a monofocal IOL. As a result, premium intraocular lenses offer greater or total freedom from glasses or contact lenses following your cataract procedure.

What Premium IOLs are Available?

There are different types of premium lenses, including:

Synergy IOL

The synergy IOL offers the broadest range of vision at near, far, and middle distances. It also delivers exceptional image contrast, both day and night, providing vision you can trust. 

The synergy IOL also addresses presbyopia or age-related farsightedness. In presbyopia, your lens gradually loses its flexibility, which makes it hard to see things up close. 

The synergy lens implant decreases or eliminates your dependence on prescription lenses. So, whether you’re reading, working on your computer, or driving, you’ll never miss the moments that matter the most.

PanOptix Trifocal IOL

The PanOptix IOL is the only FDA-approved trifocal lens in the United States. It delivers seamless vision at all distances–near, intermediate, and far. The PanOptix trifocal lens features ENLIGHTEN Optical Technology.

Unlike other lens implants, the PanOptix lens uses ENLIGHTEN to optimize intermediate vision without sacrificing close-up and far-away vision. The result is crystal clear vision at every distance under all lighting conditions. 

Many patients with the PanOptix trifocal lens rarely need contact lenses or glasses for most activities.

Vivity Advanced Lens 

The Vivity lens is specially designed with a non-diffractive technology known as X-wave. X-wave allows the Vivity IOL to utilize all the available light to deliver a continuous extended range of vision. 

For this reason, these premium IOLs are excellent for seeing intermediate and faraway ranges. They also provide functional up-close vision. 

The Vivity lens can come in a toric version, which can correct astigmatism. When you have astigmatism, your cornea takes the shape of a football instead of a baseball.

Because of this, light entering your eye doesn’t focus properly on your retina, resulting in blurry or fuzzy images at all distances. You might be able to achieve your best vision ever without glasses or contact lenses with a Vivity IOL. 

But occasionally, you might need visual aids to read small print.

How Can Premium IOLs Improve My Life?

There are many benefits to selecting a premium IOL. Here’s how a premium lens implant can improve your life in Hudson Valley.

Freedom to Live an Active Lifestyle

Hudson Valley boasts a plethora of activities that will allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle all year long. But staying active can be difficult when you can’t see clearly because of cataracts. 

A cataract leads to more and more vision loss over time. Cataract surgery with a premium IOL restores vision lost due to cataracts. 

These IOLs are designed to provide excellent eyesight, and new cataracts can never form on them. Best of all, you’ll have clear vision for life.

With a premium IOL, staying active will be easy. You can go hiking on the Hudson Valley’s world-famous trails like the Mohonk Preserve, Appalachian Trail, and Breakneck Ridge without glasses or contacts holding you back. 

If you’re into jogging, all you’ll need is a pair of sneakers and an upbeat playlist to hit the trail – no more glasses or contacts in tow. You can kick off your run in the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge or Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve.

As you set out on your adventures, you won’t have to worry about foggy glasses or irritating contact lenses getting in the way.  

Leads to a Better Social Life

Poor vision from cataracts can make simple everyday activities like reading, cooking, and watching TV challenging. More than that, poor vision can affect your ability to maintain a social life.

Cataract surgery with a premium lens will help you regain independence and make your social life easier. With little or no dependence on glasses or contact lenses, you’ll have the opportunity to try new things. 

For instance, if you’ve always wanted to dance but couldn’t fully immerse yourself because of the limitations of visual aids, a premium lens can reignite your passion.

Increased Safety When Out and About

The risk of falling tends to increase with age for almost everyone. But with impaired vision from cataracts, that risk increases substantially. 

As cataracts progress, they reduce depth perception, which is the way your eyes perceive the distance between objects. Cataracts can also decrease contrast sensitivity over time, so it becomes difficult to distinguish an object from its background. 

A decline in depth perception can make it hard to gauge distances, which may lead to accidents. Additionally, a loss of contrast sensitivity can cause you to trip on steps or curbs easily.

Cataract surgery with a premium IOL can significantly reduce the risk of falls, accidents, and injuries. These lens implants utilize advanced technology to enhance contrast sensitivity, increase depth perception, and improve your overall visual performance. 

Look Forward to a Brighter, Clearer Future with a Premium Lens

Cheema MD Eye Care is excited to offer premium lenses that can enhance your life in many ways. When you invest in a premium IOL, you can restore your full range of vision and see better than ever.

Are you ready for cataract surgery with a premium IOL? Schedule your appointment at Cheema MD Eye Care in Hudson Valley, NY, today to find out which premium IOL is right for you. 

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